Who we are

Nawawana Company Limited (in Thai, ‘nawa’ means new, and ‘wana’ means forest) was founded in 2007. Our office is located at 8-10 Bangna-trad Rd. Bangna Bangkok 10260, Thailand.

We produce and distribute high quality non-toxic plant food products. In order to raise the standard of the plant food manufacturing industry, we focus on selecting and using only high-quality raw materials that are bio-degradable, which classifies our product as environmentally friendly. “No harmful chemicals left on plantations and safe for all users.”

Most of our products are delicately developed and produced with advanced technology by our research and development team. We also inspect and conduct quality control of the products, in order to maintain high-quality standards, before distributing them to our customers. Our field-research teams are always available to meet with farmers and those who need help, solutions, or answers to their plantations’ problems. With a positive mindset, we will continue to create valuable plant food products that will help reduce costs as well as increase yield and volume.

Our products such as Fertamin, MaxSize, MultiPlus and AntiFungus are being widely used at fruit, vegetable and flower plantations as well as in several large farms and orchards in Thailand, especially in the East and West regions. MO1 is also another product that is well known among rice farmers in the Central region for its capability to ferment rice straws, roots and weed seeds into composed fertilizer instantly in 7 days.

In addition to the commercial sector, we have also worked closely with several local governments such as the Ayutthaya Provincial Agricultural Office, the Nakonratchasima Municipality, the Nakhonsawan Provincial Office for Local Administration, the Angthong Provincial Administrative Organization, the Chiangrai Provincial Administrative Organization; furthermore, we have delivered and assisted several agriculture based projects into success.